Holistic & Biological Dentistry at Montclair Dental Spa

What Is Holistic and Biological Dentistry?

Holistic and biological dentistry is an approach to dental care that doesn’t look at oral health in a vacuum, but as part of the health of the entire body. What hurts the body hurts the teeth and gums, and vice versa, which is why we refrain from using harmful and toxic dental materials. This approach enables us to cater to patients whose oral health and conditions cannot be treated in a general dental office.

Why Choose a Holistic Dentist?

Holistic dentistry pays particular attention to the biocompatibility and nontoxicity of the materials and procedures used, such as in dental fillings, and is dedicated to maintaining as much natural, healthy tooth structure as possible. It is a gentler, integrative, more natural approach to dental health and overall health. We at Montclair Dental Spa are proud of our dedication to providing not only affordable, but safe, dental care.

How Can Holistic and Biological Dentistry at Montclair Dental Spa Benefit You?

Dr. Moussa and our team at Montclair Dental Spa offer holistic and biological dentistry because we are dedicated not only to improving your oral health, but your overall health. We believe that by using wholesome, non-toxic treatments to address oral health concerns, we can help heal and strengthen your entire body. If you’d like to learn more about this approach to oral health, give us a call at (973) 744-1527 or email us.