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Joseph Moussa

Joseph Moussa

Joseph Moussa, DDS, FICOI and Owner of Montclair Dental Spa, in Montclair, New Jersey has been changing people’s lives with his gum rejuvenation, implant dentistry and full reconstruction of smiles for over 20 years.

He originally graduated from Damascus University College of Dentistry; the oldest and most prestigious University of its kind in 1993. He served two years as a Lieutenant in the Army performing Dentistry in the clinics and hospitals. He then enjoyed a very successful practice abroad for seven years, but he felt as if something was missing. He fell in love with a branch of Dentistry that was up and coming. He craved to know more about these specific procedures.


The Will To Win

The Will To Win

Winners are individuals who surpass the efforts of all others and can claim victory in their competitive endeavors. There are probably more famous quotes on winning and succeeding than on most other topics combined. Many of these quotations have come from a variety of thinkers, coaches, philosophers and scientists including the likes of Confucius, Socrates, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Vince Lombardi, John Wooden and ‘Bear’ Bryant.

It is interesting to note that while great thinkers and coaches view winning as their goal, they emphasize that preparation for the event is of even greater importance. This has never been more evident than in this day and age, where competition to rise to the top is pursued by so many and winning is revered by all. The result of this intense competition is that winners are analyzed meticulously. Along with the potential rewards of fame, wealth, public recognition and power, aspiring to win can easily become emotional and personal, and our determination to succeed amplified.

In pursuit of the prize we have targeted, we can shorten our journey by finding a mentor, someone who has already successfully traveled that route, in order to achieve our goal sooner rather than later. To develop The Will to Win, the mindset you desire can be mentored and guided by the CelebrityExperts® in this book. These guides can often save you the anguish of making the same mistakes they made, and losing precious time along the way. So if you’ve got The Will to Win, read on and let this book be your guide.

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